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Help Resources

Watch the corresponding help video below for guidance navigating your league’s TeamLinkt account. 

Managing Registrations

Once logged in to TeamLinkt, go to the Registration tab to view all of your registration forms for the season. From there, you can:

  • View all registered participants
  • Assign registered participants to teams
  • Export registration data to a spreadsheet (excel)
  • View payment information

UA Flag Canada has created registration templates that include all Football Ontario, Football Canada & Service Fees required to participate in the league. 

Managing Prospects & Payments

From the prospects tab, you can:

  • View all current prospects
  • Messaging prospects

You can also collect & manage payments for all registrants from the registration section. 

Sharing Your Registration

Each registration form has a unique link you can share with your audience, or link to your registration page as a whole to share all current active registration forms.

Messaging Options

From the TeamLinkt league platform, you are able to message all of your registrants via email. Once your teams are set up, you can also message directly to the app (with a push notification right to the user’s phone!).

Other Helpful Resources

Looking for Help?

Through the app you can view help resources or contact TeamLinkt’s support desk! You can also message directly.

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