Are you looking for ways to generate additional revenue for your sports organization? One great way to do this is by adding branded merchandise to your registration forms. Not only can this help to increase revenue for your organization, but it can also help to foster team spirit and increase brand visibility among players, coaches, and fans. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of adding branded merchandise sales to your registration forms with TeamLinkt. Furthermore, we’ll offer some tips for making the most of this opportunity.


Here are 5 of the top reasons you should use TeamLinkt’s merchandise feature on your registration forms:


1. Increased revenue: By offering branded merchandise for sale, your sports organization can generate additional revenue.

2. Increased brand visibility: Branded merchandise can serve as a walking advertisement for your sports organization. Offering merchandise for sale increases brand visibility and awareness among players, coaches, and fans.

3. Increased participant experience & retention: Some players, coaches, and fans may be interested in purchasing branded merchandise as a way to show their support for your league, club or association. Additionally, offering merchandise for sale, increases customer satisfaction and create a more memorable experience for attendees.

4. Efficient sales of gear: Offering merchandise for sale through your online registration form streamlines the sales process. Undeniably, making it more convenient for players, coaches, and fans to purchase merchandise

5. Ease of selling: Moreover, by managing merchandise sales through your online registration form, you can easily track inventory and ensure that you have enough merchandise to meet demand. From there, your merchandise is delivered in one bulk order to distribute


Getting started is simple! Here’s how it works:

Add Merchandise to your Registration Form

  1. Choose items you want to offer in your registration form.
  2. Optionally, set a mark-up amount if you’d like to create revenue for your organization.
  3. Then choose the sizes and colors you’d like to offer.
  4. Custom brand your items by adding your logo. Contact Us for assistance.

During Registration

  1. Participants will be able to order from any of the merchandise you’ve made available.
  2. For online payments, your mark-up amount will go directly to your Stripe account. In addition, for offline payments, TeamLinkt will send you an invoice for the amount due when registration is complete.

When Registration Closes

  1. You’ll submit your order, and we’ll work with you to ensure you’ve got a great looking logo.
  2. Your order will be processed by a TeamLinkt Partner and shipped to you, typically within 2-4 weeks.
  3. The merchandise will arrive for you to distribute to participants who purchased items.

Looking for help getting set up? Send a message to and we’d be happy to help get you set up!

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