TeamLinkt’s marketing student, Alexa, provides a synopsis and personal reflection after watching the Netflix documentary “The Short Game.” Following the lives of young athletes as they pursue world titles in golf. 

Findings the next Tiger Woods

This 2013 Netflix documentary follows fiercely competitive seven and eight-year-old athletes, determined to become champions on one of the world’s toughest golf courses. When I first stumbled across this documentary I was shocked- these young athletes train almost 365 days a year, giving up their childhood to compete at the highest level. 

These children are insanely disciplined and have their sights set on success. Highlighting cultures from all over the world it is fascinating to see the variety of rituals and disciplines that vary for each child. Some are born in households that expect excellence, with overzealous or overbearing parents and others that acknowledge the talents of their extraordinary kids and assist them in following their dreams. Integrating strength training, practice, and a regimented lifestyle along with growing and developing as youth. When I reflect on my motivation and hunger for success at their age I was not as driven let alone had my sights set on a world title. 

“She puts in crazy time! She is here every single day. She is here in the morning then again at night.” – Donna Sarino, Alexa Pano’s golf coach. Eight-year-old Alexa is an absolute force on the course managing her emotions, nerves, and skill to play an elite-level game. 

As opposed to those hungry for a win. Young golfer Jed Dy, a high functioning child with Autism uses golf as an outlet for his creativity and passion. He does not seek the attention of being a winner but rather uses it as a way to get out of his shell and channel his focus. This perspective was very fascinating to me and really highlights the power of sport in the lives of people. Sport can build confidence and bring out traits that would otherwise not be there. 

At eight years old there are many skills that still need to be developed such as learning sportsmanship, how to respond to failure, and manage anxieties. Much of these skills and teachings are left in the hands of the parents. To correct attitudes and behaviours that will hinder success as they grow. 

This documentary was an excellent watch. I recommend it for parents and young athletes in an array of sports in order to understand how to manage pressures and be a successful person all around. Check it out on Netflix! 


Bring Your Team Together

Customize a challenge for your team to watch this documentary through our sports team app to encourage personal development. League communications tools like TeamLinkt can be a vehicle for the sharing of knowledge and are valuable for this time where distance is important for our safety.