Soccer, lacrosse, swimming, dance, baseball, football, hockey — the avenues for youth sports are endless. For many youth getting involved in sports and activities is essential for personal development in both physical and social aspects.

When considering whether to immerse our kids in sport it is important to evaluate the perceived benefits. We have included a list below of benefits of sport in developing children:

  • Better vision as a result of stimulation and being outdoors.
  • Participants are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. 
  • Increased motor skills development as a result of practicing the necessary skills essential to playing.
  • Social skill development from working with others.
  • Self-confidence gained from personal and team achievements.
  • Increased sportsmanship as a result of being a part of a team.
  • Fun and enjoyment.
  • Friendship as they are surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Playing Sport on a Budget

Sports are not always cheap and added costs can make it hard for families to maintain the rigor required. For this reason, TeamLinkt wanted to lessen the financial burden by providing teams and leagues with a free team management software to alleviate the pressures on your budget and to ensure the season runs efficiently. Once a team is created in the app players can see contact information for all team members, share photos from the games, track personal stats, and view game schedules. Enhancing the experience for the whole family! 

Jay Maharaj, Co-Founder & CEO of TeamLinkt states, “Every team is trying to optimize their budget, and we’re seeing more and more teams join every day.  It’s exciting and the feedback from teams, leagues, clubs, and associations has been extremely positive!”


Engaging Youth From Home

In light of the recent pandemic, not all youth sports have resumed. Ensuring kids remain physically active during this unprecedented time is extremely important as youth sport can help develop necessary skills for the future. These include collaboration, time management, creativity, motivation, conflict resolution, and handling defeats. To help teams and leagues continue engaging with players, we have incorporated a “team challenge” feature to our app, allowing team administrators, coaches, and leagues to encourage physical activity and team engagement for youth from home. Do 100 Pushups, do 25 sit up, read a book, cook a meal, or customize challenges in-app.