Most athletes are always looking for ways to cross-train and stay in shape in the offseason. Especially if your offseason has been about 10 months due to a global pandemic. I am a passionate cycler who has integrated spin classes into my weekly routine for both physical and mental benefits. I may not be an athlete, but in talking with my brother who is a WHL level hockey player we landed on the question, what are the benefits of cycling for overall sports performance? In this blog post, I explore and explain some of the benefits I found. 

Burn Calories 

Regardless of age, activity level, or physique spin classes and outdoor cycling offer everyone a similar outcome of increasing their fitness-level and burning calories.

Cycling Boosts Endurance

It was discovered that there is a transfer of training effects from one training method to another, therefore, you can be increasing your endurance while not evening participating in your sports-specific practicing.

Improve Cardio for Heart Health

Cycling is said to have both anaerobic and aerobic benefits incorporating muscular endurance and cardiovascular training. 

Enhance Mental Strength

It offers a way to decompress, to develop a “can-do” attitude and mental discipline. 

What do I suggest?

Give cycling a try! If you have access to a bike, make summer bike rides a part of your weekly routine. Gather your team to do a spin class together in your community or challenge team members to go to one on their own. Or if you are feeling like you are in a slump with your current workout routine and need to switch it up try cycling. 

TeamLinkt is here to help. Challenge your team members to try cycling or share their experience with cycling. Even sharing informational articles such as this one with your team as a learning opportunity via the chat feature is important for personal development. Use our free sports app to prepare for the basketball, hockey, baseball, swimming, lacrosse,or soccer season.