sports team fundraiser

Sports Team Fundraising

Simplify this year’s fundraising by using the new online sports fundraiser tool. Raise money, collect payments, and track your progress all in the TeamLinkt app.

sports team fundraiser

Raise more money with less work by using the TeamLinkt Online Fundraisers

Raise More Money

With the ability to sell online, you can reach and sell to more people with your fundraiser.

Simplify Payments

Remove the pain of collecting cash from your friends & family. Connect a Stripe account and collect your sales online.


Live Progress Tracking

See live up-to-date progress of how your team fundraiser is performing. Encourage friendly competition with our live leaderboard tracking.

Ready-to-Go Fundraisers

Our growing list of partners makes setting up and managing your fundraiser even easier.

Everything you need to run a fundraiser, all in one place

Sell Your Own Item, Event, or Raffle

Create your own fundraiser and sell products, host an event, or create a raffle draw.

Already have a fundraiser planned out? Use TeamLinkt’s online fundraiser tool to see your orders, manage the payments, and track the progress of your fundraiser all from your TeamLinkt account.

create sports team fundraiser
sports team fundraising

Use A Ready-to-Go FUNDRAISER

Our Ready-to-Go fundraisers make selling even easier with partner companies fulfilling your orders.  Simply choose a fundraiser from our growing list of partners and start selling their items. 

Track Your Progress

Once your fundraiser is live, team members are auto notified and you can track the progress of your fundraiser and the leaderboard in the TeamLinkt app.

When a donor makes a purchase, the money is instantly sent to your Stripe account so you don’t have to worry about recording any transactions in a spreadsheet.

fundraiser tracking
fundraiser progress

Simplified Payment Collection

Collect payment and store your money online in one secure place. By connecting a Stripe account, you can sell online to out of town friends and family.

With online payments, you will also be able to get a live up-to-date view of how your fundraiser is performing.

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TeamLinkt Rewards

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Raise More Money With Less Work

Ready-to-Go Fundraisers FAQ’s

Q: How do Ready-to-Go Fundraisers Work? 

It’s simple – your team chooses from one of our pre-made fundraisers, links up a bank account & starts selling! These are a great way to speed up the process of getting your fundraiser started.

Q: How do orders get fulfilled & items get delivered? 

Depending which Ready-to-Go fundraiser you choose, there are two options for item delivery:

1. Items are shipped directly to item purchasers

2. All items are delivered to the Team Manager & distributed from there

As orders come in, the Team Manager can track all orders right in TeamLinkt, as well as check off items as they are delivered.

Q: Why should my team use a Ready-to-Go Fundraiser? 

  • It is the fastest way to get your fundraiser started (can be up & going in as little as 10 minutes) 
  • It will take the hassle out of deciding what to sell for your fundraiser
  • We have partnered with awesome vendors that offer products people love! 
  • It is the fastest & most convenient way to raise money. 

Q: Who can set up fundraisers? 

Anybody can set up the fundraiser but only the Team Manager/Team Owner can set up and launch your team fundraiser. The Team Manager/Team Owner is the user who set the team up intially. 

Q: Why use TeamLinkt fundraising vs traditional fundraising methods? 

Simplified Payment Tracking – All payments are collected by credit card and automatically added to the team’s fundraising total. From there, with one click teams can deposit their money to a bank account of their choice.

Raise more money with less work – Because the fundraiser takes place right in their app, setting up and getting all your team members selling is a fast and easy process. 

Start Fundraising Faster – Ready-to-Go Fundraisers can be set up & live in as little as 10 minutes.

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