Team Management App Feature

Unlimited Roster Members

The built-in roster feature makes management of players and contacts simple.

Simplify Your Roster Management This Season


Edit Information

Easily edit contact information, jersey numbers and more from your phone.

Profile Pictures

Link player profiles with a photo so everyone can put a face to the name.

No Limit

Add as many players and contacts to the app, there is no limit (and it’s free!)

Team Admins

Input, Edit and Organize your team roster.

Keep track of player information, build team member profiles and stay organized in-app.

“Teamlinkt is the best idea since sliced bread. This website does it all. Customer support is top notch and there is no other site that comes close.”

Bryan Gerbrandt
Coach, Google Review

Unlimited Roster Members

Key Features

  • Add & Edit contact information.
  • Team Member Profiles.

  • Unlimited roster members.

  • Unlimited player contacts.
  • Add and edit profile pictures.
  • Store information like name, email, phone number, jersey number and more.

  • Set team admin permissions for coaches, managers, and captains.

Unlimited Roster Members FAQ’s

Is there a limit on how many players we can have on our roster?

No, there are no limits. You can add as many players as you’d like!

Is there a limit on player contacts?

No, it is encouraged to add as many contacts to each player as you’d like.

What is the price to add in more than 10 players to our roster?

There is no cost. The TeamLinkt team management app is 100% free to use. This is the full version of the app, with all of our features. 

Why is TeamLinkt Free?

We’ve partnered with local and national businesses (typically sporting goods stores) who want to give back.  Through their sponsorship you get full, free access to TeamLinkt – and in exchange the business receives a small in-app banner ad.

About Us

Great for any sport – TeamLinkt provides a free Sports Team Management App and League Platform to thousands of teams, leagues, associations, schools and clubs.  Our technology is modern, easy to use and fully supported!

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