Team Management App Feature

Player Statistics

The statistics feature allows teams to update individual player statistics after each game, automatically updating a season total. 

Track Player Statistics with Ease 


Roster Lists

Enter Players Names and Information.

What is New?

Enter players stats after each game.


See Whose Leading

Monitor stats and standing in-app for goal scoring, free throws and everything in between.

Team Admins

Play, Enter and Update statistics for all players on your roster.

Keep track of player statistics in-app and automatically update player standings after every game.


Key Features

  • Track statistics for a whole season.
  • Stat categories are set based on sport.
  • Your team can follow along with who’s leading stat categories.
  • Enter stats right from the app after each game.

Statistics FAQ’s

How Do I Enter Player Stats?

After each game, update your team’s scoresheet which automatically updates the player stats section in the app. 

Are these stats shareable to our league?

No, you can share scores with your league, but stats are stored completely separate. Stats on your league website are entered by your league admin.

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