Team Management App Feature

Photo Sharing

Team members can share photos with the rest of the team, including the ability to add likes and comments!

TeamLinkt Team Management App

Share Photos with Members of Your Team


Upload, label and organization team picture for everyone to check out.



Browse pictures and albums from past and present team events.

Share and React

Like, Comment and Download images to be shared on social media, or with family.

Players, Coaches, Parents & Managers

Upload, Organize, Share and React to team photos.

Share some of the teams best moments from pictures throughout the season and share them in-app with everyone.

Photo Sharing

Key Features

  • Unlimited amount of photos.
  • Add likes and comments to photos.

  • Share photos with your league admin.

  • Share photos with fans.
  • Share photos to social media.
  • Create Albums to organize groups of photos.

  • Add High quality images.

Photo Sharing FAQ’s

Can you add likes & comments to photos?


Can I share my team's photos to Social Media?

Yes! You there is a share button for easy sharing to social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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