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Live Game Updates

Post live game updates to keep team members not attending in the loop. 
team management app live updates

Stay in the loop with your team from anywhere!

Post Live Updates

Share game clock information, scores, photos and play-by-play of the game. 

Follow Along from Anywhere

Parents, friends and family members can follow the game even when they are not physically there.

For Every Sport

Customizable scoreboard for an array of sports from baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball and more.

Coaches, Players, Parents & Managers

Play, enter & update live game information as it happens.

Team members receive real-time updates throughout the game from people in attendance.

“Absolutely love how attentive and thorough the customer service people are. This app is super easy to use, super accessible for small leagues and extremely well developed. I love that you can collect photos, assign tasks and keep track of stats through the platform. It has made my new launch very smooth and I am so grateful. “

Monica Mahecha
Volleyball Club Admin, Google Review

Live Game Updates 

Key Features

  • Custom scoreboard to update based on your team’s sport
  • Update game clock, scores, who’s setting, who’s on base, and more
  • Easily transition live game feed into a live video stream
  • Share messages along with game updates
  • Track penalties, goals, hits, assists and more
  • Share GIFs and photos directly in live game feed
  • Turn notifications for live game chat on or off

Live Game Updates FAQ’s

How are updates made?

Any member of your team can update live game events as it happens. 

Do team members receive push notifications for alerts?

Each time a game is updated, a push notification is delivered. If these are not wanted, users can customize their notification preferences. 

Are there different updating options for different sports?

Yes! There are specialized game clocks for sports like volleyball, baseball, hockey, soccer, football, etc. 

Is there a live video streaming option?

Yes! There is a video streaming option in the live game updates. 

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