Case Study | Shelburne County Minor Hockey

How Shelburne County Minor Hockey used TeamLinkt’s event health waivers and live-streaming features to record team members’ health status and offer spectators a viewing experience through the COVID-19 pandemic.


Organizing, running and growing a minor sports association is no small feat. It takes several motivated volunteers, hundreds of collaborative hours and a lot of dedication. Throw a global pandemic on top with new rules, regulations, and protocols, ever changing restrictions and the final product is a recipe for volunteer burnout.

A Simple Solution For COVID Waiver Tracking

During the 2020 season, sports leagues and associations were tasked with tracking the health status and attendance of their participants due to a global pandemic. For many leagues, this task was being performed manually by recording this information with pen and paper. This created problems with organizing paper sheets, tracking attendance and spreading bacteria through using a pen and paper. For Shelburne County Minor Hockey, TeamLinkt’s new features helped them solve this problem. It provides a simple solution to tedious tasks and gives teams the ability to track, trace and have each player sign waivers eliminating the need for them to waste hours at arena doors screening each player and manually recording information.

With TeamLinkt’s event health waiver feature, leagues and associations are able to create a health waiver that is completed by participants through the team management app. Once complete, team administrators and league administrators have the ability to track who was at each event and if they completed the health waiver form. 


Live-Streaming Made Easy

Additionally TeamLinkt allows the Team Manager of Shelburne Minor Hockey to have a central place to post team schedules and in an instant they are able to notify their entire team of updates and changes. TeamLinkt can also help another important aspect of the team, the spectators, as with the current state of COVID-19 restrictions spectators can not be in attendance. Utilizing the live stream feature ensures the scores are updated in real time and they can support their players in the best possible capacity.

 From a team administrator perspective Beth Anne Goreham stated, “our coaches like that they can see who’s attending in advance, set team challenges, get team member opinions, chat or email with a click and most of them use the video feature to show the team game examples of what they need to work on.” In a time where virtual learning is the new normal Shelburne Minor Hockey is a testament to the importance of adopting a team management software such as TeamLinkt. The TeamLinkts app has become an essential part of the association’s success.  

These new features give leagues and associations complete oversight of every event. Data can be easily accessed and exported if necessary to share this information with a third party. With the new event health waiver feature, leagues and teams can ensure all health and safety protocols are being met amid COVID-19 protocols. TeamLinkt has made it their mission to provide the greatest support to their users. 

“The TeamLinkt app saved us hundreds of hours this season. Within 3 days of launching we had all our players and their families in every division for every team on the app. It was simple and easy to navigate even for the least technical person. We are very thankful we discovered it.”

Beth Anne Goreham

Shelburne County Minor Hockey

The COVID-19 Approach

Tracking Players & Spectators

Participants are able to share their attendance for each game, as well as agree to a health waiver form. This includes adding additional spectators at the arena. 

Contact Tracing & Reporting

League administrators can download a report with all the necessary information for contact tracing. These reports can then be easily shared with the correct health personnel. 

Organizational Oversight

Leagues and associations are given complete oversight of every event. This includes knowing exactly who was at each event, as well as if they completed the health waiver form.


Once a health waiver form is created, it is automatically created for every event in the league. Participants also receive an automated reminder to complete the waiver form prior to every event.

Team Compliance

Leagues are able to view a percentage of waiver completion for every event. This allows the league to see which teams are compliant by filling out the event waiver form. 


Allows spectators to take part in the game from a distance via the live-streaming feature with scoreboard overlay. 


By using TeamLinkt’s event waiver form feature, Shelburne Minor Hockey was able to simplify tracking participants’ attendance and health status for the 2020 season. Integrating the live-streaming feature for sports fans that could not physically be in the arena continued the support of players from a distance. This resulted in time saved, and gave participants a better experience throughout their season. 

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