Leagues and associations using TeamLinkt have the option to set up all of the teams in their organization with the TeamLinkt team management app. The team management app is free to use for teams, and has features to help stay organized and connected throughout the season. Some of these features include having unlimited roster members, team chat, schedule, setting availability for events, automated reminders, live video streaming and game updates, photo sharing (with likes and comments), health waiver forms, and more! For more on these features, click here.

One of the major perks for leagues and associations setting up the TeamLinkt app for their teams is the ability to keep schedules sync’d on the app. When a change is made to your league schedule in TeamLinkt, the change will also be automatically updated in the team management app and on your TeamLinkt website. You also have the option to notify teams of the schedule change through the app. By having teams schedules tied directly to their league schedule, this sync allows users piece of mind that their schedule in the app is correct, and allows the league to easily provide an accurate to all of their teams.

If you’re looking to set up the TeamLinkt app for all of your teams, follow these easy steps:

  1. Create your teams (click here for help)
  2. Add your schedule through the Schedule Builder, Import, or Quick-Add
  3. Add your members (assign members from a registration form, quick-add an admin per team or import full rosters)
  4. Activate your teams (this sends out an email invite to all members added)

If you need, TeamLinkt also offers free help setting up our team management app. This includes importing rosters for you to save some time. If you’re looking for assistance, please contact your account representative or hello@teamlinkt.com