The year 2020 has brought on a whole new set of challenges for leagues to deal with. In addition to the usual fee collection, schedule building and ongoing communication needed to run a league, with COVID-19 many leagues and associations were also tasked with administering health screening prior to each event. By using TeamLinkt’s league management software and team management app, SAVA was able to safely run a 2020-2021 season.

Below is a list of the TeamLinkt team management app features that the Saskatoon Amateur Volleyball Association used under the TeamLinkt platform.

League Website

When SAVA created a TeamLinkt account, they were auto-generated a website to use for the season. They used the website builder to move over their website content from their old website to their new one, and added a registration form as well to get all participants registered. In addition, SAVA also purchased and set up a custom domain to add to their TeamLinkt website.

Custom URL:

TeamLinkt URL:


Online Registration

To collect everyone’s information and payment for the season, SAVA used TeamLinkt’s online registration feature. Two registration forms were created (one for team captains, one for all other participants). There are a number of different ways to use the registration platform, but here’s how they did it:

Form 1: Team Registration

SAVA created a registration form for team captains to fill out. This registration form was to register their team for the season and included making a payment for the whole team. Fees collected for registering were automatically deposited to SAVA’s Stripe Bank Account. Once the captain registered the team, they were given a code to share with the rest of their team.

Form 2: Player Registration

Every participant in SAVA was also required to register through the website for the season. This process included going to the SAVA website, completing the form, and entering in the code shared to them by their team captain (mentioned above).


Team Management App

Once team captains and players registered through the website, they were given access to their team in the TeamLinkt team management app. In the app, they are able to chat, share photos, transfer team fees, add events, and more. In addition, scores are submitted to the league through the app, league games are automatically assigned to the teams through the app, and league messages are received by teams in the app.



SAVA took a schedule made in an excel spreadsheet and imported it into TeamLinkt. Once imported, the games appeared on their league website and in the team management app for all their teams.


Did You Know: TeamLinkt also offers a schedule builder tool for leagues to build their schedule.


Health Waivers

Saskatoon Amateur Volleyball Association used TeamLinkt’s new Event Health Waiver system to help with contact tracing in the event there was a COVID outbreak. To set it up, SAVA entered in waiver information, set up the waiver to fill out 24 hours before each event and entered the number of spectators allowed at each game. From there, a health waiver was added to every event in each team’s calendar. Prior to each game, teams completed a health waiver declaring they were not presenting COVID symptoms.

As a league, SAVA was then able to see exactly who was at every event, who filled in a health waiver, and quickly export information to a spreadsheet. This information includes the names & contact info of every person at each event to send to health Canada in the event of a COVID exposure.


Score Submitting

To simplify collecting, after each game teams submitted their scores through the TeamLinkt team management app. These scores automatically updated the standings and scores page on their website. 

TeamLinkt’s league management software works perfect for leagues and associations of all sizes. Teams also love using the team management app as it is the perfect way to keep your team in the loop and organized during the season. Regardless of the size, TeamLinkt is available for free (here’s why).

If you are looking to set up your league or association with TeamLinkt, create an account here!