The Regina Youth Flag Football League (RYFFL) is an organization providing youth an oppourtunity to play organized flag football in their community.


RYFFL has a strong reputation of providing oppourtunities to learn new skills as a quarterback, running back, defensive back and receiver.

New for the 2019 spring season was the implementation of the TeamLinkt sports team management app and league management platform to the league. Each team was set up with the team management app free of charge, saving coaches the fee paid for other team management apps. Rosters and schedules were also loaded into the app ahead of time in an effort to save coaches the added task of setting up the app for their team. The TeamLinkt app provides a way for teams to communicate and stay organized during the season with features ranging from setting lineups and attendance tracking to team chat and polling.

TeamLinkt has helped us this season by having all our coaches and parents on the same page before our season even began. This allowed for everyone to have their team info and could organize things efficiently before the first ball was even passed in practice. As a parent also using the TeamLinkt app for our team, I enjoyed the ability to see the team schedule for multiple teams in one section and the chat function as well. The parents in our league loved having the app linked to their personal calendars in iOS and Android – it was a huge life saver. Dealing with Jay & Spencer was great. In a new venture, the transition was better than expected. We are looking forward to things in the future with TeamLinkt!

Mike Thomas

Regina Youth Flag Football League

As a league, the Regina Youth Flag Football league also utilized the league management tools TeamLinkt provides, which includes league-wide messaging. With this feature, league administrators are able to deliver messages to select teams or the entire league right through the TeamLinkt App, allowing important information to be shared with players and parents in an efficient way. In addition to the messaging feature, associations are able to create a free customizable website, have team admins self-report scores and even use the online registration platform. To see all of the tools TeamLinkt can provide to leagues, associations, clubs and schools, click here.


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