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TeamLinkt is removing software, additional credit card and per player fees.

Plus, we’re introducing a $1M Growth Fund to help sports leagues, clubs or associations thrive.  Apply today to lock in up to $5,000 in Growth Rebates for your sports organization.  

About TeamLinkt

TeamLinkt provides a modern, easy-to-use Sports Management Platform and Team Management App to over 500K teams, leagues, associations and clubs. With exceptional technology and support, we’re here to make sure you and your teams have the best possible season.

How the Program Works

Simply transition to the TeamLinkt Sports Management Platform (or just the TeamLinkt Team Management App) and upon approval, your organization qualifies for up to a $5,000 Rebate* from our Growth Fund .

Plus, you’ll eliminate software, additional credit card processing and any per player fees.**

1. Apply

Fill out the application form and a rep will complete your signup.

2. Set Up

Our team of support staff will assist with setup (it’s easy)! This includes moving your current website. 

3. Collect Your Rebate

You’ll be on a better management platform, with better support and you’ll receive a rebate to help you grow this year!

* Rebates are based on the number of participants and sport and are paid out quarterly once the player/participant is active in the TeamLinkt App.

** TeamLinkt does not charge any additional processing surcharges or per player fees. Standard Stripe Visa/MC processing rates still apply.

On average, a 1,500 member organization with $300,000 in registration volume will save $6,000 per year.

Plus, you will receive a rebate of up to $5,000!

Common Questions

How is this possible?
We get it, you’re used to paying fees! TeamLinkt eliminates software and processing fees with ad-support in the TeamLinkt Team Management App. Teams have the option to remove ads for $6/mo, but the vast majority don’t.
Is there really no cost?
TeamLinkt does not charge any software, additional processing surcharges or per player fees. Standard Visa/MC processing rates still apply, and they start at 2.2% and $0.30/transactions. All core features are free in the Sports Management Platform and Team Management App.
What features does the TeamLinkt Sports Organization Software include?

We provide everything you need to manage your league, club or association. This includes online & offline registration, a modern website, scheduling and communications tools, our team app, and more. Check out all the features here.

What does the TeamLinkt App include?

The TeamLinkt App is loved by over 500K players & parents with a 4.7 App Store Rating. It includes schedule and roster access, player availability, chat, photos, polls and even live streaming. Check out all the features here.

Your organization is in full control. Any schedule changes you make or messages you send, are instantly delivered to players and parents in the app.

Is it easy to transition to TeamLinkt?

Yes, it’s super easy! Your organization will be assigned a designated account rep to assist in the process of setting up. From there, we also offer ongoing support for your account. 

How is the rebate calculated and paid out?
It works out to $2 per activated player in the Team Management App up to a $5,000 max rebate. This can vary a bit depending on your sport and season length. In your contract we’ll specify the exact rebate. The rebate is paid out quarterly, again based on activated players in the app.
Do we need to sign an agreement?

To participate in the rebate program, we require a 3-year agreement. It’s good for you and us. If you don’t care about the rebate and just want to eliminate fees, then there’s no agreement.

Is support offered?

We provide exceptional support with dedicated account reps, live chat, a helpdesk and even offer a training academy.  

What are the next steps?

Submit your application and a rep will touch base! Again, the transition is easy and on top of saving, you can qualify for the Growth Rebate for your organization.

Apply today to lock in up to $5,000 in rebates.

You can apply to use our full registration and website management platform, or just the Team Management App.

Have a question? Use the Chat in the right corner or book a meeting

About Us

TeamLinkt provides the best in market Sports Management Platform and Team App.  Our technology is modern, easy to use and fully supported! 

Plus, we have no platform fees, so you can invest more time and money into growing your programs.

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