TeamLinkt now has two sports website options for you to choose from: a Free and Premium offering. So what is the difference between the two? Our free design follows standardization and is super easy to use, which leagues and associations love. It runs off of a standard TeamLinkt league admin account. Correspondingly, our premium design allows complete design flexibility and can offer a more robust look to align with your vision. Premium websites are powered by WordPress.

Free Website Option


Included with the creation of a TeamLinkt account, is access to a free website option that is very easy to manage. The website is auto-generated with your account, and the URL can be customized to whatever you’d like (including adding a custom domain if you have one purchased). From there, you can add additional pages, customize your menu items, add page content, photos, news articles, sponsors, executives, documents, link social media channels, and whatever else you’d like. However, you are limited to the design of the page. If it doesn’t give you enough flexibility design-wise, you may want to check out our WordPress option! 

Free Websites are perfect for a league or association that wants a simple sports website that anyone can edit or add content to. At the same time, they require virtually zero maintenance. 


WordPress Packages Available


For leagues, associations and clubs looking for more flexibility and customization options with their website, we offer premium WordPress packages. Our team has assembled a number of templates to choose from (which is the most common option selected), but there is also the option to have a custom website built for your organization. As a result. this option is perfect for groups looking for a little more freedom than TeamLinkt’s standard free websites provide.


Each package costs $300 per year for hosting, as well as: 

Want to learn more about these packages and view templates? Follow this link

Why Go Premium?

We listened to the requests and recommendations of many of our loyal customers. Offering a sports website option that can be tailored to their unique situations was on the top of the list. At TeamLinkt, we want to be able to help sports leagues meet their objectives.The added cost of premium is well worth it! Undoubtedly, it allows our customers the ability to customize their website design, add specific homepages relevant to their team, learn to edit the website on their own and access to TeamLinkt support. Want to learn more about our premium sports website options? Book in for a demo or contact our support line.

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Here’s How it Works:

  • Pick one of our packages to suit your team or leagues needs
  • The team at TeamLinkt will then build out the website for you
  • You will be invited to a training demo where our team will walk you through how to maximize your websites potential
  • Then you manage your sports website. It is that easy!

“Working with TeamLinkt has been a game changer. It provides our clubs an easy & efficient way to communicate.”

– Aaron D, Executive Director, Sask Volleyball

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