Unsure if your league or association will have a season amid the pandemic? 

With TeamLinkt’s online registration system registrars have the option to either require payment at the time of registration, or allow participants to submit their registration and then request payment at a later date. This allows leagues and associations the ability to register participants and organize for their season without having the headache of dealing with refunds at a later date in the event the season is cancelled. 

The pay later registration feature is especially important with organizations navigating the return to sport amid the current COVID-19 global pandemic. The pay later setting can be customized in the Fees section of the registration form builder. 

How to Set it Up?

1. Go to the Registration tab

2. Create a New Registration Form or Click on an Existing Form from the List.

3. Go to the “Fees” Section

4. Select How You Want to Collect Fees for the Registration Form.

To learn more about this feature read our recent help article

Online Registration: Pay Now

Registrants are required to make their payment via credit card at the time of registration. All payments are processed through Stripe. The payment will be directly deposited into the league or association’s Stripe account after the payment is made.

Online Registration: Pay Later 

Registrants are able to register for their season without making an initial payment. The league is able to request payment at a later date. Participants will be sent an invoice and be required to enter their credit card information when payment is requested. The payment will be directly deposited into the league or association’s Stripe account. 

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