Submitting Stats to the OSFL

A Guide to submitting player stats for the OSFL

Option 1: Entering Stats Post-Game

If you are not entering stats live (option 2 below), stats can be submitted after the game is complete. 

Important Note: Stats must be entered as a team, NOT from your league or association account. 

Entering Stats Manually as a TEAM

**This can also be done either from the web, or from the TeamLinkt Mobile App**

League Admins – you must be added to the team’s roster to be eligible to submit stats

Entering Stats from the Web

If you are submitting stats from the TeamLinkt mobile app, click here for instructions

Option 2: Entering Live Stats

Game Codes will be provided by the OSFL. If you are missing a game code, please contact the OSFL!


Below are help videos that show each step of the Live Stats feature. If you would like a PDF Version of this instead, Please Click Here

Step 1: Entering Game Codes & Roster Check-Ins

Step 2: Entering your Plays

Step 3: Finalizing your Stats

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