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A Guide to using TeamLinkt for OFFL League, Association and Club Administrators.

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Member Help Resources

OFFL Members have access to manage their entire association on the TeamLinkt organization management platform. 

Login to TeamLinkt

Logging In To TeamLinkt

To log in to your association’s TeamLinkt account:
1. Visit directly & log in

Link to Login Here

NOTE: This is must be done from a computer or internet browser on your phone. The Team Management Mobile App (found in the app store) can only be used any teams you are added to the roster. 

So if you’re also part of a team and want to use the app, you will need to add yourself to the roster(s). 

Team Creation

In order to ensure your teams schedules are all properly sync’d with the official OFFL schedule, your teams will be created for you by OFFL admins. From there, all you will need to do is assign the correct players to your teams.

You can still create any more additional teams that you would like for your school, but your teams that need a schedule from OFFL will be created for you.

Pro Tip: Any teams you create manually in your account are not automatically sync’d with the OFFL account (so they will not receive the official schedule. Teams needing OFFL’s schedules need to be created by the OFFL & shared to your account manually. 

Adding Coaches to Teams

To add a coach (or multiple coaches to a team):

1. Go to the Teams tab
2. Click on a team name
3. Click Add/Import > Add Team Admin
4. Enter in the Name, Email, and optionally phone and position.
5. Click Add

Adding Players & Parents to Team:

1. Go to the Teams tab
2. Click on a team name
3. Click Add/Import > Add Team Member or Import Team Member
4. Enter in the Information Required and click Add

NOTE: TeamLinkt also has an online registration system you can use to get players added to your TeamLinkt Account. Then from there, you can assign players to the correct team from there (this is a lot easier than the steps listed above). 

More information on TeamLinkt’s Registration Here:

Activating Your Teams (to use the app):

When you activate your teams, an email invite is sent out to all team members and it gives the team access to use the TeamLinkt mobile app. To activate your teams:

1. Go to the Teams tab
2. Click on Activate Teams

Communicating with Players & Parents (from the league tools)

To message teams directly:

1. From the teams Tab, click on Messaging

2. Click on New Email

3. Select your recipients, type your message and click send

These messages will include a push notification to the team management app, a message within the team management app and an email copy of the message.

There’s also other messaging options outlined in the help video

Become a TeamLinkt Expert!

Athletic Directors can learn the ins & outs of the Admin side of TeamLinkt through the TeamLinkt Academy. The academy covers the basics of registration, scheduling, communication and more!

Accessing TeamLinkt Support

Leagues, Associations & Schools have access to TeamLinkt customer support chat to solve any sort of techincal issues you may be experiencing, or to answer any questions you may have.

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