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Help for League & Association Admins

For league/association presidents, registrars, secretaries, board members, etc for managing registration, stats, schedules, etc.

Step 1: Set Up Online Registration

In your association’s account, go to the Registration Section. From there, click New Registration > From a Template. Pick the correct template for your registration form. Some commonly used templates include:

2022 Tackle Athlete Registration

2022 Tackle Coach Registration

Note: These templates include the correct Football Ontario & Football Canada memberships required to participate. Memberships to select will vary from year to year (these were for the 2022 season).

Online Registration Football Ontario

Step 2: Set Up Team Names & Divsions

In your association’s account, go to the Teams tab. From there, click the Divisions button to set these up. Typically, users will do a one-level structure, with each Division being an age group. 

From there, go to Add/Import and add in all of your team names. These will be where you add your rosters to after registration is complete. 

Step 3: Add Registrants to Teams

In your association’s account, go to the Registration tab. From there, click the Participants button. From there, check off a user (or multiple users), click Actions and Assign Teams. 

Step 4: Activate Your Teams

This sends an email to all players, parents and coaches inviting them to the team app. 

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