Case Study | Clavet Cougars, A Minor Hockey Team Raises $900 Selling Coffee

Case Study | Clavet Cougars, A Minor Hockey Team Raises $900 Selling Coffee

“The money raised from this fundraiser will be put to use offsetting the costs of ice rentals and tournaments, as well as a few team building events that help develop our team into better hockey players and most importantly greater young men.” – Clavet Cougars


Raised for the team in less than 30 days


Hours saved setting up and organizing the fundraiser


Unique supporters of the online fundraiser

The Challenge

The cost of youth sports is rising. In order to cover the costs, teams need to find ways to raise money. Through fundraising, teams are able to offset season costs such as facility rentals, tournament fees, travel, team-building events, and athlete development.

The Clavet Cougars U11 Boys hockey team has run various fundraisers and fundraising events in the past to help cover season costs. While these fundraisers have been successful for them, they’ve all been time-consuming to organize, set up, manage, and execute. Since the coaches & parents all volunteer to help run the team, time is scarce. So, fundraising usually becomes another project added to their already full plates.

For parents, coaches, and athletes, running fundraisers shouldn’t need to be so time-consuming. Now, with TeamLinkt Online Fundraisers, teams get everything they need to run a fundraiser, all in one place. Allowing you to raise more money with less work.

The Solution

Since the U11 Cougars already use TeamLinkt to simplify many parts of their season, they wanted to see if the Team Fundraiser tools could simplify fundraising as well.

“I was poking around in the TeamLinkt platform and I saw that we could now run fundraisers through it. Figured we should give it a shot since there wasn’t any risk. We didn’t have to make any quantity commitments so really there was nothing to lose.”

Heather Friday

Volunteer Team Admin

With the TeamLinkt Team Fundraiser tools, the U11 Cougars were able to raise money, collect payments, and track all their progress right in their team management app. Not only did they simplify fundraising for the team managers and parents; all their supporters simplified the way they purchased fundraiser items as well. 

After creating their fundraiser, TeamLinkt generated a web page where the Cougar’s supporters could go to shop and purchase products that the team was selling. Supporters simply added products to their cart and checkout online with their credit cards.

Finally, you’ll never have to hear the excuse “I don’t have any cash on me” again.

U11 Cougars fundraiser page

Using Ready-To-Go Fundraisers to make setting up a fundraiser easy

Traditionally, the U11 Cougars have run offline fundraisers where they sold bacon and gift cards. They would collect cash and record all the transactions manually in a spreadsheet, which is a major time suck for the team manager. Looking to try something new and save time, they launched one of TeamLinkt’s “Ready-To-Go” Fundraisers.

“Setting up the Ready-To-Go fundraisers took 5 minutes, it was so simple. I loved that I didn’t need to try and find fundraisers to run, TeamLinkt had options right in their platform and within a couple clicks, I was able to get the fundraiser live.”

Heather Friday

Team Admin

For Ready-to-Go fundraisers, TeamLinkt partners with businesses across Canada to provide sports teams with products to sell. Teams make money per item sold and the businesses handle fulfillment of the products. All teams have to do is choose from a growing list of partners and start selling! In a couple of clicks, teams can start raising money without having to pick up or distribute any product.

It’s truly the easiest way to launch a fundraiser and raise money.

“Road Coffee is excited to partner with TeamLinkt in making fundraising easier for youth sports teams. This partnership allows us to expand our reach with active sports families while also giving back to our community.”

Alisha Esmail

CEO at Road Coffee

The Results

After running a Fundraiser through TeamLinkt for the first time, the Cougars were able to:

  1. Raise $900 in less than 30 days
  2. Save 10 hours setting up and running their fundraiser
  3. Sell to 46 unique supporters all online

Going forward, the Cougars plans to explore more of the TeamLinkt Team Fundraiser tools by selling other products and running licensed raffles. TeamLinkt will continue to be an important part of the hockey season for the Cougars and they are excited to continue simplifying their season management with the best Sports Management Platform in the game.


Teams can set up a fundraiser right from the TeamLinkt mobile app. Club-wide fundraisers are set up from the Club’s TeamLinkt Account.

1. Choose your fundraiser type: Raffles, item sales, events & Ready-to-Go fundraisers.

2. Set Up The Details: This includes your fundraiser dates, your fundraising goal, info on what you’re selling, etc. It should take around 5 minutes!

3. Publish & Share: Once you publish the fundraiser, your whole team is notified. From there, the coach should encourage each player to share the link to the fundraiser landing page.

4. Track Progress: From the TeamLinkt app, you’ll see how much has been sold and who is selling the most!

5. Post-Fundraiser: Receive your team’s money from the fundraiser either via cheque or directly in your team’s Stripe Account.

If you’re wanting an easier way to raise money for your team, check out this video to see just how easy it is to set up and launch your next fundraiser with TeamLinkt.

Raise more money with less work

10 step checklist for building your sports website

10 step checklist for building your sports website

10 step checklist for building your sports website

If you haven’t built a website before, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with all the different things you can do. But in reality, you don’t need a website with all the bells and whistles that companies try to sell you. 

You need a clean website that looks professional and works great. Regardless of the website builder that you decide to use, check out this 10-step checklist that will make help you make sure that all the T’s are crossed when building your site. 

10 steps that will simplify your website build

Step 1 – Pick the right sports website builder


Since you’re running a sports organization during your weeknights or weekends, you need an easy-to-use builder with a small learning curve.

A few features you’ll want your builder to have are:

1. Beautiful modern & mobile responsive templates: You want your website to look great on desktop and mobile phones, without you having to spend hours formatting your site

2. Embedded stats, scores, and standings section that updates automatically after each game.

3. The ability to process credit cards and embed registration forms: Being able to run registration right from your website is a major timesaver.

4. [BONUS] a 5-star customer support team that can help design your site with you. 

Step 2 – Set up or buy your own domain


If you need to buy a new website domain, check out a domain hosting service like Godaddy.  Here is how to buy a domain in 3 steps.

After you buy your own domain, connect it to your website and make sure you get your SSL certificate added to your website.

IMPORTANT: You need an SSL certificate in order to keep user data secure and to verify the owners of the website. If you don’t have this, website visitors get a notification that your website isn’t secure.   


Step 3 – Use a pre-built design template to get the ball rolling and save major time


Most builders will have several pre-built templates that make getting your sports website up and running easy. Even if you want to add some of your own flair to it, I would recommend starting with the template and making tweaks as you go.

For example, here are four sports website templates that TeamLinkt offers:

free sports website
basketball club website manager
free sports website
baseball league website

Step 4 – Optimize your website images and logo size


When you’re creating imagery for your website, make sure you are using the correct image sizes, or else your photos won’t look good on your website.

These are the image sizes that we recommend using:

Logo size: 400px x 300px

Square image: 1080px x 1080px

Full-width images: 2400px x 1600px

Website favicon image: 16px x 16px

When saving your images, make sure they’re saved as .pngs and not .jpegs. PNG images look and work best when designing your website.

Step 5 – Link your social media accounts on your website


Growing your social presence is a great way to increase awareness for your league which will result in more participants. On your website, you want to make sure that your social media profiles are easy to find & follow for players and parents that don’t already know of your accounts. 

Most builders will have a section where you can paste your social links onto your website and feature them right on your homepage. 


Step 6 – Set your privacy rules


Decide if you want to show team rosters & individual player stats on your website. With a platform like TeamLinkt, you have the ability to set your specific privacy terms & conditions that parents & athletes will opt in to. 

If you’re showing player statistics and rosters on your website, you’ll want to make sure that your privacy policy is in place. 

Step 7 – Optimize your website navigation menu


Decide if you want to show team rosters & individual player stats on your website. With a platform like TeamLinkt, you have the ability to set your specific privacy terms & conditions that parents & athletes will opt in to. 

If you’re showing statistics and rosters on your website, you’ll want to make sure that your privacy policy is in place.


Step 8 – Ensure your website colors are consistent with your logo & brand


Some sports website builders, like TeamLinkts, make it easy to ensure consistent branding across your website. You just need to enter your brand colors and then the entire website will be branded with those specific colors. 

website design settings

Step 9 – Add additional pages to give your website more context


Aside from just featuring your stats, standings, and schedules, your website should also feature content about your club, league, or association. 

To give your website visitors more information, try adding pages like: 

  • About us page – showcase your hard-working team of volunteers and board members.
  • Photos & videos page – Share pictures and videos of your league games & teams. 
  • News page – keep all your website visitors in the know by sharing organizational news on your website. 
  • Sponsorship pages – this is a great way to also generate new revenue for your sports organization, selling sponsorship space on your website 


Step 10 – Make sure your scores, standings, and schedules are all uploaded and up to date on your website.

The majority of your website traffic is people looking for their schedule or their recent scores. If you’re still updating the schedule and score changes manually, you run the risk of forgetting to change the schedule or to update a score. 

When you use a sports website builder like TeamLinkt, this manual process of updating schedules, scores, stats, and standings is all automated. Saving you a lot of time each season.


Sports organizations don’t need a $10,000 website. You need a functional website that looks professional and works as intended.

By partnering with TeamLinkt, you get a great-looking website where you can run registration, update scores and schedules, and share all your league-related news.  Best of all you get this website for free and spun up in a matter of hours.

If you want to simplify the management of your season, get started below.

Book a one-on-one meeting with a member of our team today!

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