TeamSnap vs TeamLinkt – Save Your Team Money

TeamSnap vs TeamLinkt – Save Your Team Money

TeamSnap and TeamLinkt are both companies that offer sports teams a solution to managing their team and staying organized. If you are not familiar with what a team management app does, it is a tool that teams can use to view their schedule, communicate via email and team chat, store contact information, set attendance for events, share scores and live game updates, and simplify many duties that come with being a coach, team captain, team manager, or the team organizer.

While TeamSnap was first to market with their team management app, it is important to research the best and most cost effective way to manage your sports team before choosing an app for the season. In some cases, this can include paying a fee to use the app. There is a new, Canadian-based company that is changing the team management app market by allowing users free access to their app. TeamLinkt’s belief is that sports are expensive enough to participate in already, so why add in an extra, unnecessary fee for your team for the season. Just like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and all of your other favourite apps, TeamLinkt believes sports tech should also be offered out for free!

About TeamSnap

TeamSnap offers 4 pricing plans for their team management app. This includes the Free plan, Basic, Premium & Ultra. TeamSnap will insert ads into the app regardless of the plan chosen, but otherwise the plans will essentially unlock more features for the user as you pay more. 

Free Plan

15 Roster Members, Health Checks, Schedule, Live Updates, Messages, Invoicing, Team Chat Assignments

Basic Plan

30 Roster Members, Health Checks, Schedule, Live Updates, Messages, Invoicing, Team Chat Assignments
+ Storage (500mb), Availability, Reminders

Premium Plan

40 Roster Members, Health Checks, Schedule, Live Updates, Messages, Invoicing, Team Chat Assignments
+ Storage (2GB), Availability, Reminders
+Lineups, Statistics, Customization, Premium Support

Ultra Plan

Unlimited Roster Members, Health Checks, Schedule, Live Updates, Messages, Invoicing, Team Chat, Assignments
+ Storage (Unlimited), Availability, Reminders
+Lineups, Statistics, Customization, Premium Support
+Multiple Sponsorships

TeamLinkt Team Management App

About TeamLinkt

TeamLinkt offers their team management app, with all features included, free of charge. The features included are:
Unlimited Roster Members, Health Checks, Schedule, Live Updates, Messaging, Team Chat, Assignments, Storage (Unlimited), Availability, Reminders, Lineups, Statistics, Premium Support, Mobile Alerts, Photo Sharing (with likes & comments), Live Video Streaming, Polling, Collect & Track, and Team Challenges.

Let’s Talk Numbers

To put things into perspective, on a team by team basis by choosing to use TeamLinkt there will be a savings of anywhere from $70 to $160 depending on which plan would be chosen with TeamSnap. In lots of cases, this fee to use TeamSnap will be built into the team fee for the season, or else it will be paid out of pocket by the coach, manager, captain or team organizer. For leagues, associations & clubs, TeamLinkt offers to set up every team in their organization free of charge with their app to use for every season. This includes even importing any necessary data for the association to save time for the season! So essentially if a league or association wants to set up all of their teams with TeamLinkt, it is a matter of saying the word to one of TeamLinkt’s staff and we handle the rest! By setting up every team in an association or league as a whole, this can result in massive savings.

Example: Saskatoon Minor Hockey

SMHA provides the TeamLinkt app for all of their teams each season. With their 240 teams competing in their association this season, they have saved teams a combined amount of anywhere from $16,800 to $38,400 CAD depending on which TeamSnap plan the team would have chosen. Here’s a breakdown of what the TeamSnap costs would have been (assuming teams paid the cheaper, annual fee):

Basic Plan

240 Teams x $70 Annually

= $16,800

Premium Plan

240 Teams x $123 Annually

= $29,520

Ultra Plan

240 Teams x $160 Annually

= $38,400

With TeamLinkt, all SMHA teams received an app with the same features as the Ultra Plan, but paid $0 as an association, and teams paid $0 to use the app. Over the past three seasons of using the app, this savings compounds to upwards of $100,000!

Other Examples

Here’s some other cost breakdowns using TeamSnap’s premium plan ($123 annually):

20 Teams

20 Teams x $123 Annually

= $2,460

30 Teams

30 Teams x $123 Annually

= $3,690

40 Teams

40 Teams x $123 Annually

= $4,920

50 Teams

50 Teams x $123 Annually

= $6,150

75 Teams

75 Teams x $123 Annually

= $9,225

100 Teams

100 Teams x $123 Annually

= $12,300

200 Teams

200 Teams x $123 Annually

= $24,600

300 Teams

300 Teams x $123 Annually

= $36,900

500 Teams

500 Teams x $123 Annually

= $61,500

According to Hockey Canada’s latest Annual Report, between 2019-2020 there were 605,963 players registered to play hockey. This would result in an estimated 40,000 teams nationwide.

40,000 teams x $123 Annually = $4,920,000

Wow, that’s a lot of money.

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SSSAD Case Study: Moving from Goalline to TeamLinkt

Case Study

How SSSAD changed software providers for their organization, as well as their 16 member schools, from Goalline to TeamLinkt

team health check


SSSAD (Saskatoon Secondary Schools Athletic Directorate) is the administrator for high school athletics in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. There are 16 member schools that compete in SSSAD’s league, which includes competition in multiple sports such as football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, track & field, curling, badminton and more!

SSSAD was looking to make a change in software providers for the 2021-2022 Season and ultimately chose TeamLinkt to power their online registration, website, scheduling, communication and more. They were successfully able to transition from their previous software, goalline, and enjoy some added benefit of using TeamLinkt.

Transitioning to TeamLinkt


The SSSAD team worked alongside TeamLinkt as they moved their website from Goalline to TeamLinkt. This included TeamLinkt building a customized website for them, transferring over all existing content from the old website, and transferring the domain to their new website.

In the end, SSSAD received a fully customized website, training on how to operate the new website, as well as ongoing tech support. Moving a website from provider to provider is a big task, but TeamLinkt does the heavy lifting to help make this a smooth process.


With SSSAD being the governing body of 16 different schools that play within their organization, getting all players registered can be a big task. Through TeamLinkt’s software, they were able to create a standardized registration template that could be used across all sports and all schools. This ensured the user experience was easy, and allowed parents to simply select their child’s school, pick a sport, and easily get them registered for the season.

Benefits of Switching Software

TeamLinkt Team Management App

All parents, players and coaches now have access to the TeamLinkt team management app.

Benefits for Players & Parents

The TeamLinkt app allows users to quickly view their roster and schedule, set attendance for all practices and games, and receive updates automatically from the app when a schedule change is made. In addition, players and parents can use the app’s team chat to communicate, as well as receive announcements from SSSAD, their school’s athletic director, and their coach. The app also helps create a better experience for players and parents by allowing them to share photos, vote in polls, share documents, receive event reminders, live video stream games and post live game updates.

Benefits for Coaches

As a coach using the TeamLinkt app, you are able to identify which of your players are coming to each event through the attendance tracking system in the app. In addition, coaches can easily communicate with all of their players right in the app. Coaches can also message the coach of the other team they are playing in the event some communication is needed prior to the game. After the game is complete, coaches can also submit their scores to the league (SSSAD) right from the app! When their team’s schedule is changed, coaches are notified. Coaches can even set their gameday lineup through the app and share it with the team if they choose!

Benefits for the League (SSSAD)

As a league, SSSAD benefits by being able to create a standardized registration form and sharing it with their 16 schools. This provides SSSAD with a database of all players registered for their league. They are also able to provide each team with the TeamLinkt app. When SSSAD makes a schedule change, this automatically notifies the teams affected, as well as updates the website & team app. With the click of a button, they are also able to send out messages to all of their teams and members across all sports, or tailor the message down to a specific audience.

Cost Savings

By switching to TeamLinkt, SSSAD is able to eliminate all monthly and yearly software costs. This money can now be allocated to coach development, facility upgrades, equipment, or however they see fit. SSSAD is also able to provide the TeamLinkt team management app provided to all of their teams free of charge. The TeamLinkt app is 100% free to use for coaches, players and parents (if you are asking how and why this is possible, click here).


App Users

Dollars Saved

Games Scheduled


By making a change from Goalline to TeamLinkt, SSSAD was able to refresh and modernize their online presence with a new website, reduce administration time by using TeamLinkt’s administration tools, and provide each team in their organization with the free TeamLinkt team management app.

By upgrading their software, SSSAD also in turn was able to save on fees paid previously to their old software provider. Teams also were provided with the TeamLinkt free team management app, so any coaches previously paying for other apps no longer need to.

Overall, by moving from goalline to TeamLinkt, SSSAD was able to save time, save money, and reduce admin time.

Manage your league, association, club or school with ease, for free.

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