TeamLinkt’s marketing student, Alexa, shares her favourite sports docuseries on Netflix that highlights sports from around the world. She follows the lives of teams through the wins and losses that define their careers and highlights important lessons for youth in sport today.  

Home Game Netflix

Home Game

Watching this docuseries felt like I was on a mini world tour and considering the current travel restrictions it was the closest I could get to fixing my travel bug. This docuseries profiles unique and dangerous traditional sports from around the world, as well as the communities and cultures where they thrive. It helped me better understand the origin of many of the popular sports we engage in today. 

From free diving in the Philippines, the Highland Games in Scotland, Roller Derby’s in Texas, and wrestling in the Congo it provides an educational experience for viewers to understand why these sports are so highly celebrated in each region. Integrating teachings about the historical origins of sports, unique athletic training strategies, how the games are played, and how they have evolved.

Fun Fact: Many of the track and field events we are familiar with originate from places all over the world. For example, shot put originated in Scotland, hurdling began in England, and hammer throw from ancient Ireland.

QB1 Netflix

QB 1: Beyond the Lights

The reality of striving for pro-sports leagues and college contracts is familiar to athletes in all sports as that is generally the ultimate goal after a lifetime of hard work. This riveting series follows three star high school quarterbacks as they play their final season before moving on to Division 1 college football. The athletes featured in this docuseries pursue their dreams alongside a lot of personal struggle, injury, school and hardship. 

Each boy from a different walk of life and school community you can see their varying mentalities in pursuit of their dreams; some over confident and some grounded by their natural athletic abilities. Balancing their high school studies alongside their pursuit of professional football which is the biggest demonstration of the athletes passion and mentality. 

This documentary is not just useful for aspiring football athletes, but athletes in general. 

Becoming Champions

The sport of soccer dates back roughly 2,000 years as an activity that labourers and youth would engage in as a pastime. Over time it has become one of the most widely recognized sports in the world. This series looks at the stories behind the athletes and countries that have achieved World Cup champion status, one of the biggest achievements in the sport.

This docuseries covers nine teams that have achieved World Cup status, the historical origin of the sport in each country, the adversity they faced and how they ultimately achieved success. Soccer is embedded into many cultures across European countries therefore the sport was forced to evolve with countries through war, government corruption and economic struggle. One thing acknowledged about sport is that it is a universal language and a natural way of being for many so inclined. The forms of adversity each team faced made their triumph so much more impactful.

For aspiring soccer stars this docuseries follows the best of the best, highlighting the strategies it takes to defy the odds. 

Becoming Champions Netflix

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