Is your minor hockey association still paying for a league website, team management apps and online registration?

If you are involved with a minor hockey association as a president, administration or registrar, chances are you have been paying thousands of dollars each year for web tools like your website, scheduling software, team management apps, and online registration.  What many of these hockey board members don’t know is that there is an alternative that can be utilized completely free of charge that offers all of these same great features.

TeamLinkt is the leading free solution in online League Management solutions. Using a different pricing model that takes the fees out of the league, association, and coach’s pockets, it is the best new way to manage any sort of sports group, including minor hockey associations. There is no contract and you can sign up at any time, so switching over is a no-brainer!

Why should I switch services?

1. You will save your league and coaches money

League tools, team management apps and online registration is expensive. Big companies like TeamSnap, Stack Sports and Goalline charge fees to use their services.

2. We’ll help you get set up!

With a dedicated customer support team, we will help you with the setup process from start to finish. This includes importing and formatting data, product demos, online training and more – all for free!

3. Free League Management Solutions are the future

We’re working with hundreds of leagues, associations and schools of many different sports already, so it’s time to quit paying for products that are being offered for free.

4. TeamLinkt’s staff is made up of hockey coaches, parents, fans and players, so development of new features and improvements are always being made from the perspective of what hockey teams and associations want.

What features does TeamLinkt provide?