Introducing TeamLinkt Rewards – your golden ticket to offsetting the rising costs of youth sports. TeamLinkt has teamed up with FlipGive to transform everyday shopping into effortless fundraising. Let’s dive into the details and see how TeamLinkt Rewards is changing the game, as well as fundraising for youth sports.

Unleash the Power of Rewards for Youth Sports Fundraising

TeamLinkt Rewards is the simplest way to fundraise for your team. We’ve partnered with FlipGive, a certified Beneficial Corporation (B-Corp), to offer cashback rewards from 800+ brands you know and love. That means whenever you shop online and in-store, you’re also lowering the cost of play for your team.


A Partnership That Counts

FlipGive is on a mission to make youth sports accessible. It was this alignment in our shared mission that made this partnership a no brainer. As a certified B-Corp, FlipGive is deeply committed to creating positive change. They’ve already given back over $50 million by transforming everyday shopping into funding for sports families across North America.

Valor 2011G Gold – Raised $5,650 in 11 months with FlipGive

TeamLinkt is Empowering Communities Through Youth Sports

Sports leagues, clubs, teams, and associations rely on TeamLinkt to tackle their administrative challenges, leaving them free to focus on growth. By collaborating with FlipGive, TeamLinkt expands its capacity to serve its 1.5+ million users. With the rising costs of sports hitting families hard, TeamLinkt Rewards emerges as the solution, seamlessly channeling everyday shopping into fundraising for youth sports.

Easy Funding at Your Fingertips

TeamLinkt Rewards is the answer to the escalating cost of play. It’s a swift, free, and hassle-free way to bankroll a youth sports season by generating cashback from your regular shopping.


Tackling the Cost Challenge

Today’s youth sports are pricier than ever before, as inflation rates surge. A recent TeamLinkt survey reveals that 44% of parents grapple with funding their kids’ sports and activities. With TeamLinkt Rewards, these challenges meet their match, making your everyday purchases a source of support for young athletes.


Ready to Make Every Purchase Count?

TeamLinkt Rewards is your MVP for affordable youth sports. It’s time to turn shopping trips into a win for your team. Let’s make the game more accessible, one purchase at a time.

Join TeamLinkt Rewards and Fuel Your Season with Every Purchase!

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