As a sports management tool passionate about an array of sports, and with many employees who are active members of the sports community here at TeamLinkt, we wanted to take the time to acknowledge International Women’s Day. Most specifically the evolution of Women’s Hockey in Canada. 

Women’s Hockey is now visible in the Olympics and as part of campus sports which has allowed women to carry on their dreams, but not as far as their male counterparts. Despite this glass ceiling, many female hockey players feel an added pressure to perform on the ice. As a result, they push their limits in order to pave the way for the younger generation of women that want to play the game. 

Hockey Canada published a video on behalf of International Women’s Day and we felt that it was impactful to share with our TeamLinkt users. It is the change makers and hard workers that have adapted the narrative of women’s hockey in Canada over time.

Women's High Performance Program

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