Spring 2019 is here – and that means spring sports season is upon us! Baseball, Soccer, Softball, Slo Pitch, Lacrosse, Hockey and more all have new seasons starting up. TeamLinkt has recently created a new wizard on our website that allows you to create your league, association, school or club in a matter of minutes. All you do is fill out some basic information and your account and free website are automatically generated. From there, you can begin loading in roster and schedule information or simply share a code with coaches to create their teams! TeamLinkt League Specialists can also work with any league admin to help load in roster and schedule information to save time.


Free For Teams

If you are a team looking to use TeamLinkt for free but you’re not sure if there is a partner in your community sponsoring the app, all you have to do is create your team and we will scan your area for a TeamLinkt community partner and match you up with a sponsor code. TeamLinkt has partners scattered across Canada and the United States – so there is a great chance there will be a partner in your area!


To create your team, simply visit www.teamlinkt.com or download the TeamLinkt app.


Free For Leagues and Associations

In addition to providing a free sports team management app for individual teams, TeamLinkt also provides entire Leagues and Associations with free management tools as well. When a league or association registers with TeamLinkt, all of their teams have access to the pro version of TeamLinkt for free and the league admin receives tools for messaging teams and coaches, managing each team’s rosters and schedules and sending last minute reminders to teams.


In addition, a free league website is automatically generated for you. This website is customizable, as you can add in your league colors, logo, and create any additional pages you’d like. As well, standings, scores, and schedules will automatically appear from the app – saving the league admin or manager time and energy entering in scores. Teams can even report their own scores to the league from the web or from the sports team management app.


TeamLinkt is an overly-friendly/polite/nice Canadian-based company that will help your league or association out by pre-loading rosters and schedules into the app for all of the teams. This way, the coach can download the app and have his roster and schedule ready to go without having to set up.

If you’re a league or association, visit this page for more info: