Fraser Valley Volleyball Club & TeamLinkt

How Fraser Valley Volleyball Club’s switch to TeamLinkt aided in the success of their season, saved them money, and provided them with all the features they needed to help team members. 


Recruiting for, running, and funding a volleyball club can be quite a burden. It takes the proper software and thorough strategic planning to run everything smoothly. With the introduction of sports management software, leagues have never operated more efficiently. As a pandemic hit the sports world and being cost-conscious became even more important TeamLinkt we wanted to go above and beyond to provide all those valued management features for free. 

Making the Switch 

In November 2020 Fraser Valley Volleyball Club made the switch over to TeamLinkt after using TeamSnap for years. With TeamLinkt being a free alternative to TeamSnap, it made sense financially to give TeamLinkt a try for the season.. Fraser Valley Volleyball Club set up TeamLinkt’s  online registration tool, including the use of discount codes and was the new payment installments option. This option allows team-members to pay a lump sum of money upfront and then pay the remaining balance in multiple installments afterward. For many leagues, this feature is attractive to ensure flexibility for team members that may not be able to pay in full and automation of registration payments alleviating the old-fashioned pen and paper method. For Fraser Valley Volleyball, TeamLinkt’s new registration features helped them solve this stressful process. 

In addition to using the registration feature, they capitalized on TeamLinkt’s event health waiver feature. The club was able to create a health waiver that was completed by participants through the team management app. Once complete, team administrators and league administrators have the ability to track who was at each event and if they completed the health waiver form. 

The League Website

Fraser Valley Volleyball club currently uses a third-party program for their website where they easily link their TeamLinkt registration form. This is a testament to the flexibility of TeamLinkt’s features in that it can work with existing websites, or alongside other systems. This was one of the many things that made the switch from TeamSnap to TeamLinkt a smooth process. In addition to flexibility, there are also no monthly or yearly fees to use  the TeamLinkt systemwhich was an instant savings for the volleyball club.. In addition, all teams received the TeamLinkt team management app for free.


These features give leagues and clubs complete oversight of every event. Data can be easily accessed and exported if necessary to share this information with a third party. TeamLinkt has made it their mission to provide the greatest support to their users. 

Features in the Spotlight

Tracking Players & Spectators

Participants are able to share their attendance for each game, as well as agree to a health waiver form. This includes adding additional spectators at the arena. From there, the club administrators can view exactly who was at each event and if they completed a health waiver.

Organizational Oversight

Leagues and associations are given complete oversight of every event and roster in their club. This includes the ability to make roster changes, schedule changes, and even notify teams of any changes to their schedule via a push notification.

Online Registration

Collect registrant information and accept credit card and offline payments in minutes. 

Messaging Options

Leagues, Associations and Clubs are able to easily send messages to individual teams, groups of teams, or the entire organization. These messages include an email copy and go directly into the team management app as well. 

Payment Installments

Set your fees, requirements and add custom fields to collect the information you need while allowing members to pay at their own pace.

Discount Codes

Integrate discount codes into registration for select team members.


By switching to TeamLinkt, Fraser Valley Volleyball Club was able to simplify registration, implement unique payment options, and integrate a free team management app with health waivers. This resulted in both time and money saved as well as giving participants a better experience throughout their season.

This is one of many testaments to how great TeamLinkt!  Are part of a league and want to save money? Contact us today!

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