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Getting Started with TeamLinkt

How to connect to your team & use the TeamLinkt app. 


Good News! Your team has been set up for you in the TeamLinkt App!

You should have received an email inviting you to join your team in the TeamLinkt App. If not, not a problem, you can still connect to your team! 

Step 1: Create Your Account & Join Your Team

(or if you already have an account, just login!)

Your team has already been created for you, so all you need to do is connect to this existing team.

If you do not have a TeamLinkt Account yet, simply download the app and create an account from there!

If you already have a TeamLinkt account, simply login or open the app! 

Having troubles connecting to your team?

Make sure you are logged into the app with the same email that you were added with. Because you’ve been added to the roster already, this will automatically connect you to your team without the need for a code.

Still having troubles? Contact and we’ll help get you started!

Step 2: Invite Your Family

All contacts that were submitted during the registration process should already be added as contacts for your child. To add additional contacts for your child to the app:

And that’s it! 

The main thing to remember when troubleshooting is to ensure the email address you’re logged in to TeamLinkt with matches the email submitted in registration & is added for you in the app. 


How to Toggle Between Teams


Looking for Help?

Through the app you can view help resources or contact TeamLinkt’s support desk! You can also message directly.


About Us

TeamLinkt provides the best in market Sports Management Platform and Team App.  Our technology is modern, easy to use and fully supported! 

Plus, we have no platform fees, so you can invest more time and money into growing your programs.

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