Flag Football has seen a rise in popularity across the nation. In this blog we will uncover why this sport has seen an increase in traction and how to get a flag football league up and running in your community. 

Why Flag Football?

As sports have evolved people have become more aware of potential injuries such as broken bones, sprains and concussions. In traditional football the reality of enduring a concussion in your sports career is almost commonplace. As research has come to better understand the lasting effects of concussions, parents are opting for a safer form of the sport. Additionally, the cost is much cheaper for flag football than tackle with the reduced amount of equipment required.

Lastly, it is inclusive for children of all abilities and incorporates the elements of teamwork, community, determination, speed, hand-eye coordination and more.  

How TeamLinkt Can Help Your Flag Football League!

TeamLinkt offers a wide variety of tools that help with the management of your league or association. 

Registration: Collect registrant information and accept credit card and offline payments in minutes.

Scheduling: Create and manage your schedule with ease.

Communication: League Communication tools ensure organized and streamlined sharing of information for all your league members.

Standings: Enter scores to automatically update your league standings, customize column sorting, and easily share through your website or the team management app.

Event Waivers: Add a standardized event health waiver to each event in your league or association’s account. These waivers are automatically added to each event in your calendar.

Team Management App: Each team gets full free access to the TeamLinkt team management app. This is how they can communicate, get their schedule, submit scores, and more. 

At first we were just utilizing TeamLinkt for scheduling purposes, but after using it we realized it could handle more of our operations. The following year we added on more of our operations including standings, the team management app and online registration of 1,600 of our Fall registrants. We have kept adding on and it has worked flawlessly. The TeamLinkt team was able to continue to be there to exceed our expectations.” 

Mike Thomas

League Convener, Regina Youth Flag Football League

Regina Youth Flag Football League

The Regina Youth Flag Football League is an NFL Flag League in Saskatchewan, Canada. They has been using TeamLinkt for nearly three years now, which has included both their Spring and Winter seasons. RYFFL’s usage with TeamLinkt started with scheduling and the team management app, and has since evolved into online registration. Their league has such a high demand for participation that hundreds of players will register to play within the first couple of hours of registration. Being one of (if not the) most popular flag football program in North America, the RYFFL has set a high standard for other flag football leagues in Canada and the United States.

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Navigating sports at this time is challenging but with innovative solutions athletic development is still possible. Visit Teamlinkt today to enhance your flag football team’s season.

 “Every team is trying to optimize their budget, and we’re seeing more and more teams join every day.  It’s exciting and the feedback from teams, leagues, clubs, and associations has been extremely positive!”

Jay Maharaj

CEO, TeamLinkt

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