Have you ever looked at a photo in the TeamLinkt App and wished you could like it or leave a comment? We’ve listened to our user’s requests and are happy to introduce an update to the Photos section of the Team Management App.

Within the mobile app and web app, you can now access a newsfeed-style view of photos for your team. This includes the ability to scroll through photos and view each album easier. In addition, we have built in the ability to add a comment or like each photo posted to the app. Head over to the app store and install the latest version of TeamLinkt for access to this new feature!

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So whether you are leaving your two cents on your team’s photo around the Stanley Cup or action shots from your soccer match over the weekend, you can now leave a like or comment and let your team know you feel about their photos.

For more help about using this new feature, along with all other features, click here.


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This feature isn’t new – but it still one that team’s love. Teams are able to create a poll within the TeamLinkt App and receive anonymous votes. This is perfect for deciding what tournaments to attend or what restaurant to go to after the game. Click here for more information on Polling.