Eagle Pass Youth Soccer’s Digital Leap: Streamlining with TeamLinkt and Saving Time & Money


Eagle Pass Youth Soccer has been the heart of local soccer in southwest Texas. With passionate players, coaches, and fans, the organization strives to offer the best to its community. But like many local sports setups, it faced challenges. That’s when TeamLinkt came into the picture with its all-in-one solution.

Problem Statement

Running a local soccer organization is no small feat. For Eagle Pass Youth Soccer, juggling registrations, keeping everyone in the loop, and managing day-to-day activities became daunting. They were stuck in the age-old pen and paper system, which was time-consuming and error-prone. Plus, software solutions came with hefty yearly or per-player fees.

Solution Overview

Enter TeamLinkt. They offered Eagle Pass an all-in-one sports management platform, making things like registration and communication a breeze. With easy-to-use digital tools, the transition from manual to digital was smooth.

Implementation Process

The switch was straightforward. TeamLinkt offered guides and support, ensuring Eagle Pass was confident using the new tools. And the best part? It was all in one place, so no more juggling between different tools and platforms.

Results & Impact

Since adopting TeamLinkt:

  • Admin hours were reduced by an estimated 35% (15 hours per week)
  • Software fees were eliminated, saving an estimated $3,500 annually
  • Clearer communication with players and families
  • Positive feedback from staff about the new system’s ease

“We’ve been thoroughly impressed with TeamLinkt’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional training, support, and ongoing maintenance. Their dedication to equipping our organization with cutting-edge technology and empowering us with the knowledge to use it effectively has been truly remarkable. TeamLinkt’s responsive and knowledgeable support team consistently exceeds our expectations, ensuring that our platform runs seamlessly. This reliability allows us to focus on what matters most—delivering a superior soccer experience for young athletes and parents alike.”

– Abdel Tillery, President at Eagle Pass Youth Soccer

Conclusion & Future Prospects

Eagle Pass Youth Soccer’s journey with TeamLinkt has been a game-changer. And with more features to explore, the future looks even brighter for this Texan soccer community.

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  • No monthly or annual fees.  
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  • No selling your data. 
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TeamLinkt monetizes the platform through low credit card transaction fees on online registrations and small non-intrusive ads in the Team Management App.

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