“We couldn’t be more satisfied with TeamLinkt. The people behind it are simply amazing, and the platform itself outshines anything we’ve used before. It’s truly a game-changer for us.”

– Shawn Botterill, President of Centennial Little League

Centennial Little League (CLL) is a youth sports organization based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada dedicated to nurturing the love for baseball among young athletes. With a commitment to excellence and active community involvement, the league stands as a vibrant hub for youth development in the city. This blog will demonstrate how they saved admin time with TeamLinkt.

The Challenge:

Despite its dedication to youth development, Centennial Little League encountered significant hurdles in managing its operations efficiently. Previous software solutions proved to have outdated, lacking in cutting-edge features, and financially burdensome. Additionally, these platforms consumed excessive administrative hours, and strained the resources of a league primarily run by volunteers.

The Solution:

In their hunt for a modern sports management platform, the league found their answer to save admin time with TeamLinkt, an all-in-one sports management platform. TeamLinkt offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of sports associations like Centennial Little League. Thus, the main goal of the move was to lessen the administrative burden and be with a platform that caters to their needs.

Key Features Utilized:

    • Schedule Builder: Say goodbye to an all-day worth of assigning teams, sorting it out and putting it into a spreadsheet. CLL saves countless hours by streamlining the scheduling process, allowing the league to focus more on nurturing young athletes.
    • Website Builder: Empowers CLL with a professional online presence, enhancing communication and visibility within the community. With customizable templates and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, teams can showcase schedules, rosters, news, and more in just minutes. Furthermore, stay connected with players, parents, and fans with integrated communication tools and streamline online registration processes.
    • New and Improved Interface: Now with a Co-Branding Feature, teams like Centennial League can use their brands and proudly showcase their sponsors in their app! User-friendly design makes navigation intuitive, facilitating smoother operations for both administrators and users. Enjoy streamlined access to team rosters, schedules, and communication tools. This makes managing your team easier and more enjoyable than ever before.
    • Unparalleled Customer Support: From setting up your account to troubleshooting any issues, we’re committed to ensuring your experience with our platform is seamless and hassle-free. TeamLinkt’s dedicated support team provides prompt assistance, accessible help articles and online chat which makes the overall experience for everyone smoother.

Impact on the Team:

With TeamLinkt, Centennial Little League has the right tools and flexibility to manage their league as intended, overcoming the limitations of their previous software. TeamLinkt serves as a comprehensive, one-stop solution. This empowers CLL to focus on what matters most – developing young athletes.

Benefits Experienced & Time Saved:


Players and Parents

The free TeamLinkt app enables users to quickly and easily access their team roster and schedule, mark attendance for practices and games, and receive automatic notifications within the app for any schedule adjustments. Moreover, players and parents can utilize the app’s team chat function to communicate, stay updated through the announcements from CLL, their league’s president and coaches. The app also streamlines the overall experience for players and parents by facilitating photo sharing, participation in polls, document sharing, event reminders, live video streaming of games, and posting live game updates.


As a coach using the TeamLinkt app, you have the capability to track player attendance for each event using the app’s attendance system. Additionally, coaches can easily communicate with their players directly within the app, and even with the opposing teams’ coach if necessary. After the game is concluded, coaches can submit their scores to the league directly from the app. Moreover, coaches will have a more streamlined process of communicating with everyone using the TeamLinkt app.


As a league, CLL gains advantage through enabling seamless communication and updates with the TeamLinkt app. Any schedule modifications automatically notify teams and update the league’s website and app. With the click of a button, CLL can now effortlessly send messages to all teams and members for a more improved experience!


Centennial Little League’s journey with TeamLinkt stands as a testament to the transformative power of modern sports management solutions. With significant savings in both time and resources, coupled with unparalleled support and user satisfaction, CLL enthusiastically recommends TeamLinkt to fellow sports organizations. CLL saved admin time with TeamLinkt. Try it today and unlock the full potential of your youth sports program!

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