3 ways you can generate new revenue for your sports organization

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Sports Organization Growth

Sports organizations need to add more revenue streams in order to grow. Relying solely on registration dollars won’t only allow your league, club, or association to offer an incredible experience for your athletes & parents. Luckily, now that operations have moved online, there are a lot more ways sports organizations can increase revenue without a lot of effort.

Why you need to prioritize generating revenue outside of just collecting fees


When your sports organization has extra funds, you can provide the athletes & families with an incredible experience playing sports. Not only will this improve the experience & development of the athletes, but in turn it will also grow your organization as parents will be spreading the word about their great experience.


We asked one of our customers what extra funds mean for their soccer association and their athletes:

“I believe any extra funds that come into my organization can help with the experience that I can provide to the kids & participants. I can use the extra funds to purchase higher-quality equipment and better uniforms so that the experience is better for the kids. We are also able to lower fees for the entire program. Sometimes less is more – I lowered fees by 20% when I took over but increased the registration amounts by 46%. Extra funds also allow you to train coaches better, when I took over I sent 19 coaches to get properly certified for the age level they are coaching which this can’t be done unless your revenue model increases.”

Kevin Munson - Vice President of Martensville Soccer Associations

As Kevin said, by adding additional revenue streams you’ll be able to make sports more accessible for the athletes in your community which then allows a greater amount of kids to be able to afford & participate in sports. After all, the #1 goal is to grow the game, and with TeamLinkt it becomes a little easier.

Building new revenue streams can be simple with the right sports management platform

Since you’re most likely juggling your personal life and volunteering… Coming up with how you’re going to increase funds for the league, club, or association may not be a reality right now.

Collecting registration dollars, accepting donations, or maybe even running offline fundraisers may be good enough for now but it won’t allow you to deliver a truly exceptional experience that families and your community will rave about.

Thousands of sports organizations across North America are doing these three things to generate new revenue with TeamLinkt:

  1. Selling sponsorships in their team app to local businesses in the community.
  2. Running online fundraisers & donations from your website with TeamLinkt Online Fundraisers
  3. Selling branded merchandise right from your registration forms

Three ways to generate new revenue for your sports organization

#1 Getting sponsorships

From where I stand, sponsorships are a win-win-win when you partner with local businesses in your community.

Win 1: Local businesses get affordable ways to advertise to new customers

Win 2: Parents can see new deals on products & services from the local businesses in their community

Win 3: Your organization adds new revenue without having to do much work


Selling sponsorship space in your team mobile app


Sports organizations using our team management app get thousands of impressions from parents & families each month. Those impressions can easily be turned into revenue for your organization by selling and unlocking sponsorships.

app sponsorship preview

 Adding sponsorship opportunities to your league website

On your free league website, you’ll be able to add and promote your sponsors right on your homepage. One of our Flag Football Leagues partners with local businesses in their communities and showcases the brand off to all the league participants.

Selling sponsorships on your team app and website to local businesses in the community is an easy and effective way to help increase revenue each season for your club, league, and association.

#2 Running online fundraisers

Running fundraisers and accepting donations is most likely not new to your organization but now with TeamLinkts Online Fundraising feature, it has gotten a lot easier.

Sports organizations can run online fundraisers from their league website and collect payments & donations all online.

Protip: An easy way for sports organizations to increase their revenue is to create a “Donations” fundraiser, put the link on your website, share it on your social media, and collect donations from your community easily online.

For some more fundraising ideas, check out these 4-minute videos to see how our current customers are using the fundraising feature:

Check out this recent case study we wrote: Clavet Cougars, A Minor Hockey Team Raises $900 Selling Coffee.  In less than 30 days, the Cougars were able to sell $900 worth of coffee by setting up an online fundraiser through TeamLinkt.

#3 Selling branded merchandise from your registration forms

Selling merchandise is not only a great way to generate additional revenue for your organization, but it also helps your club, league, and association get more exposure.

Adding the ability for your registrants to purchase your own branded merchandise from a registration form is as easy as uploading a logo and choosing which types of merchandise you want to sell.This can all be done within the TeamLinkt platform without a couple of extra clicks.


The more funds your sports organization can collect the better the experience you can offer your athletes & families. Not only can TeamLinkt help lower the cost it takes to run your season, but we also offer all the tools you need to generate more revenue.

If you want to simplify the management of your season, get started below.

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